Turn the Internet
Into your Inner Net

Step into a world where the internet is more than just information; it's a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, and dreams.

Introducing Color

Capture your mindspace

Color functions like a digital gardener for your mindspace. It learns from the information you consume and creates a mind-map that evolves with you, eliminating the frustration of scattered learnings and memory across various bookmarks and apps. This creates a clear picture of your learning journey, allowing you to see connections you might have missed before.

Discover and enrich your mindspace

Color ignites your curiosity by recommending you parts of the internet you may have never seen before. It discovers new connections between your interests. Color’s personalized content feed adapts to your unique interest and preferences.

Color Extension, your co-pilot across the internet

Take control of your internet experience with the Color Extension! All Your Interests in One Place: Bring every piece of your digital life together with the Color Extension. Save, manage, and reflect on your interests across the internet all in one spot.

Join the beta, and
sprinkle Color to your life!